Gladwell Academy delivers innovative, practically oriented training and masterclasses for government and business. Gladwell focuses on maximum return on investment and best value. Your learning goals are our starting point. During training we listen to your feedback and incorporate this to ensure your objectives are reached.

The content is important, but what you actually remember or what new behavior you exhibit after a training, depends in majority upon how the content is delivered. Gladwell uses a variety of methods, from classical training and theory to simulation games. The translation of academic theory to practice is central in all our educational programs. Gladwell achieves this goal by including a variety of practical examples and by ensuring an always present link with your personal development plan.

Gladwell Academy consists of a young, enthusiastic and ambitious team. Our trainers are active in a variety of fields and each trainer has its own specialization. Gladwell often invites guest speakers to bring the latest trends and to strengthen the link with daily operations. Our trainers are experienced and enjoy teaching.