About AgileSparks

We are a boutique consulting firm with offices in the US (Boston), Israel and India (Pune).

For more than 10 years we’ve been helping technology organizations all over the world find real agility. Companies such as Intel, HP, Philips, Siemens, Amdocs and Elbit turn to us when they need help figuring out how to achieve real agility at scale. Our expertise spans both industry segments and solution contexts – ranging from Web/SaaS products all the way to embedded software, cyber-physical systems, tier-1 telecommunication systems, medical devices and military systems.

We are a prime choice for organizations looking to figure out what’s the right approach for their context – How to use SAFe™ effectively and how to implement it in a way that respects people and culture. Yuval Yeret, our SPCT, is a thought leader in the area of using an Invitations/Pull-based SAFe implementation approach based on our experience in the field. Our team of experienced SPCs have all worked in multiple enterprise scaled agile implementations.

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AgileSparks Clients - Siemens, HP, Intel, Philips, Microsoft, Cisco and others


We see SAFe as a Framework. Successful implementation requires using the framework effectively according to your context. We’re very careful of “SAFe in name only” that results from a combination of thoughtless mandates and dogmatic/insensitive “by the book” implementation.

We start our engagements with a unique SAFe implementation strategy workshop with leaders of the organization to create a SAFe implementation blueprint and roadmap. This workshop is combined with a SAFe-certified Leading/Implementing workshop thereby providing both in-depth SAFe knowledge with customized implementation strategy.

The AgileSparks Way implementation approach - Initiate & Plan, Kick Off, Stabilize, Recharge, Improve

SAFe™ Services the AgileSparks Way

Our approach at AgileSparks is to combine the SAFe’s Implementation Roadmap with our own AgileSparks Way for managing the change, which is based on our vast global experience. Our Key SAFe services are:

  • Open enrollment and in-house Leading and Implementing SAFe workshops to inspire people to start to think about SAFe and initiate the journey.
  • Agile Release Train launches – From Leading SAFe combined with an Implementation Strategy workshop, through preparation activities like SAFe Scrum Master and SAFe POPM workshops as well as program backlog preparation, WSJF exercises, Team formation, all the way to SAFe for Teams and initial PI Planning. In this phase we combine SAFe best practices with our own AgileSparks Way building blocks.
  • We coach the Agile Release Train on its journey to help stabilize the first SAFe Program Increment (PI).
  • We facilitate the Agile Release Train Inspect & Adapt Workshop as the Agile Release Train approaches its first destination.
  • We scale the organization through Portfolio and Value Stream setup and coaching, leveraging our thought-leadership on Enterprise-level Kanban used as part of the SAFe Portfolio , Solutions and Program.
  • We offer team-level training using SAFe for Teams for new people on already running trains.
  • We scale SAFe success in the organization through applying the AgileSparks Way/Implementation Roadmap to more and more Value Streams/Trains. A main ingredient of success across the enterprise is to choose the right transformation/change management model for the context. Whether it is a bold decision to go SAFe across the board or to provide SAFe as an option and invite leaders of trains/value streams to come onboard.
  • We extend agility to the wider company – for example by applying SAFe in a Marketing context.