SAFe: essential knowledge

As the world’s leading framework for scaling Agile across the enterprise, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) empowers complex organizations to achieve the benefits of Lean-Agile software and systems development at scale.

Since 2011, hundreds of the world’s largest organizations have discovered its benefits: faster time-to-market, dramatic increases in productivity and quality, and more motivated and engaged employees.

How does SAFe do this? SAFe brings together thought leadership from Agile development, systems thinking, and Lean product development into a framework that provides a set of principles, values and guidance for Lean-Agile development. The Scaled Agile Framework is a body of knowledge, graphically represented in the SAFe Big Picture, and is freely available at Each icon on the Big Picture links to a supporting article that provides detailed guidance on the concept being represented.

SAFe provides guidance for all the levels of the enterprise that are actively engaged in solution development: Team, Program, Large Solution, and Portfolio. The result is greater alignment and visibility across the organization, connecting the business strategy to execution, enabling better business results, faster, and with a higher degree of predictability and quality.

Access the SAFe Big Picture, blog posts, resources, downloads, and guidance articles at

“Changing customer expectations and the tremendous pace of market disruptions required a framework and processes that are quick, scalable, and responsive. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), with its nonlinear approach and adaptability, is the way of the future.”

Sundaresan Jagadeesan
Program Manager, Royal Philips

Over 70% of US Fortune 100 enterprises have SAFe certified professionals continuously delivering value on a regular and predictable schedule. These individuals leverage the SAFe Principles to make them more Agile in the marketplace and more competitive in their industry. SAFe is a mature framework that translates to across-the-board improvements for both customers and employees. It is supported by the robust, global Scaled Agile Partner Network, a comprehensive, role-based training and certification program, and over 160,000+ SAFe certified professionals. The 2016 Annual State of Agile Survey by VersionOne reports that SAFe saw the largest user increase in scaling methods, and is the most popular among scaling frameworks.